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Step 1. Create an account

To create a Cheer Shop:

  • Go to “Become a Seller” on our homepage or click here

You will receive a prompt. Check your email for your username and password.

(don’t forget to check your spam folder)

Step 2. Add Products

  • On your Vendor panel click Products→ Products 

  • Click the plus sign in the top right corner
  • You can either add products manually or import products

Click here for manual instructions

Click here for import instructions 

Step 3. Set up Shop

Update profile information:

  • Go to Name 
  • Edit profile

  • Create a new password
  • Profile Name
  • Enter shipping address
  • Hit save 

Edit Seller info:

  • Go to Name 
  • Seller info

  • Fill out general details about your shop
  • Fill out the additional info about your shop

  • Add ons- You can leave this field alone it's automatically generated 
  • Description- Create a shop description ( this will be on your storefront) please include a short summary of your shop's refund, shipping, and return policies.  
  • Logos- add your store front logo (image size 280x280) and invoice logo (image size 160x160)
  • Make sure your PayPal account is connected - we will get more into this next 
  • Plan- is the seller plan you are on 
  • Terms and conditions- enter detailed shop policies 
  • Hit save at the top right 

Step 4. Get Paid

  • Go to the PayPal tab on the seller info tab
  • Click Connect with PayPal.

  • You’ll be taken to the PayPal website. Follow the instructions there to connect your account to the marketplace. This will allow you to receive money from orders to your PayPal account without the need to request its withdrawal from the marketplace owner.
  • After you have done everything on PayPal’s side, you will be redirected back to your store.
  • Click the Save button.

YOU CAN VIEW YOUR CHEER SHOP BY CLICKING "HOME" ON YOUR DASH THEN ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT CLICKING STOREFRONT - Here you can freely check out your cheer shop and the marketplace. 

Step 5. Order Processing

  • On your dashboard go to orders.
  • Click on an open order. 

  • Here you can see all of the order details 
  • Enter the tracking number and Carrier 
  • Change the order status to complete 
  • Hit save